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Our services

Every diver knows that it is vital to take care of your diving
equipment as it is your life support system.

Our Workshop

The Tasmanian Divers Group technicians are professionally qualified and can service many of the
major recreational and commercial brands. We are able, ready and equipped to meet your diving needs.

Quality Service & Guaranteed Workmanship

As a leader in the field of diving equipment servicing, Tasmanian Divers Group has developed a quality management system for our servicing and has been certified to ISO 9001 standard. We feel this reflects our commitment to the quality and professionalism of our work.

Manufacturer's Recommendations

We use manufacturer’s recommended parts and service kits wherever possible. This ensures that we are protected and that you, the customer are also protected. While this may not make us the cheapest SCUBA diving servicing technicians around it does provide you with peace of mind.

3 Month Guaranteed

All our servicing is guaranteed for three months from the date of service. If it goes wrong within that time through normal diving activities, bring it back to us and we will service it again free of charge.

Equipment Services

Service &


Regulator servicing

SCUBA cylinder testing

Sport diving equipment

Commercial equipment

Hydro Testing
& gas fills

Global Mark certified test station

Welded, seamless & composite cylinders (SCUBA & BA)


On site testing for quick turnaround

Equipment Rental

We have a full range of scuba diving equipment available for hire

Service, Repair & Testing

Maintenance on a regular basis is essential to optimise the life of your equipment and ensure your safety.

Regulator Servicing

Don’t forget to have your regulators serviced this year. Your regulator is the control centre of your diving gear. Having your first stage, second stage and octopus units serviced once a year means that you can always count on the regulator being ready to go and working properly.


SCUBA Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing

Australian regulations require that your cylinder(s) be visually inspected and pressure tested at a certified testing station once per year. Tasmanian Divers Group is an Australian Standards accredited cylinder test station (#GC217) for the Inspection and Testing of Gas Cylinders or Vessels as defined in Australian Standard 2337. This covers all scuba diving cylinders, pony bottles, etc.


Brands We Service

  • Sport Diving Equipment
    We are authorised to service and repair most major brands of commercially available Scuba equipment. Please contact us with any queries you may have about your equipment.


  • Commercial Equipment
    We also service and repair all types of commercial diving equipment.

Please note: Due to limited storage space in our service department, once work has been completed, we cannot hold customers’ equipment for longer than 3 months. We will contact you when gear is ready to be collected. If it is left for longer than three months after this time, it will be moved into long-term storage off premises. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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