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Tasmanian Divers 

Tasmanian Divers was formed in 2020 with the merger of Tasmania's 2 leading dive businesses. Combined, Tasmanian Divers has all of Tasmania's quality recreational diving services and instructors. We are now the centre of contemporary teaching techniques, expert advice & industry knowledge in Tasmania.

Tas Divers

Tasmanian Divers - South

Tasmania's Southern Region

Formerly Southern Tasmanian Divers, founded in 1976 and now Tasmania’s longest continuously running dive business, Southern Tasmanian Divers is one of Tasmania’s leading diving and snorkelling businesses. Located in Kingston, a few minutes south from Hobart CBD.


Go Dive Launceston

Tasmanian Diver's North

Tasmania's Northern Region

Formerly known as Go Dive Launceston and established in 2006 has been the leading scuba diving training centre and equipment sales and service specialist for the northern region of Tasmania.


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Tas Diving Services

With over 50 years of combined teaching experience, our instructors are passionate about all things diving. 

Our qualified diving instructors have experience in both recreational and technical diving.

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