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The Open Water Course has three main components run over two weekends.

  1. Knowledge Development (Online Study) – Understanding the basic principals.

  2. Pool Dives – Learn the skills to be a safe and confident scuba diver.

  3. Open Water Dives – Practice your new skills, explore and have FUN!



  • PADI  eLearning access pass

  • Professional Instruction

  • International PADI Registration

  • Personalised Digital Certification Card

  • All SCUBA equipment (except mask & snorkel)

  • Pool Dives

  • 4 Ocean Dives

Once you have purchased a course we will email you within 24hrs (or sooner) your PADI eLearning key-pass so you can start your adventure of a lifetime!

We will also contact you to introduce ourselves and answer any immediate questions about your PADI course.


The Open Water Course has three main components run over two weekends.

Please note you will need to be able to transport all your SCUBA equipment to both the pool and Bicheno.


Knowledge Development

Complete all of your dive theory at your own pace and in a time frame that suits you with PADI’s eLearning. Study at home where you will have access to interactive videos and quizzes making learning much more fun and engaging. Options are available for either PC or tablet (touch) versions of eLearning.  Want to do it old school? Don’t worry, options to study via non digital means are also available. Once your theory is done, it is off to the dive shop to get fitted out with dive equipment, and then onto the pool.

Pool Dives (Day 1)

This is where you’ll take your first breath underwater.  Diving in the pool is a safe and comfortable environment where you will learn and practice the skills you need to be a confident and safe scuba diver.

Ocean Dives (Days 2 & 3)

Now it is time to head to the ocean. Over two days you will complete four ocean dives on Tasmania’s beautiful east coast, world-renowned for its temperate water diving. 

For more information about the course, click on the button below to view the information about how we run our Open Water Course.

2022 Course Dates:​​

  • September 10th (Pool), 17th & 18th Bicheno

  • October 8th (Pool), 15th & 16th (Bicheno)

  • November 19th (Pool), 26th & 27th (Bicheno)

  • December 10th (Pool), 17th & 18th (Bicheno)

2023 Course Dates:

  • January 14th (Pool) 21st & 22nd (Bicheno) 

  • January 31st (Pool) Feb 1st & 2nd (Bicheno) 

  • February 11th (Pool) 18th & 19th (Bicheno)

  • March 18th (Pool) 25th & 26th (Bicheno) 

  • April 15th (Pool) 22nd & 23rd (Bicheno)

  • May 13th (Pool) 20th & 21st (Bicheno) 

  • June 17th (Pool) 24th & 25th (Bicheno) 

  • July 15th (Pool) 22nd & 23rd (Bicheno) 

  • August 12th (Pool) 19th & 20th (Bicheno) 

  • September 9th (Pool) 16th & 17th (Bicheno) 

  • October 3rd (Pool) 4th & 5th (Bicheno)

  • November 18th (Pool) 25th & 26th (Bicheno)

  • December 9th (Pool) 16th & 17th (Bicheno) 

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PADI Open Water Diver

The PADI Open Water Diver course is the most popular way to learn to dive in the world.


During the course you will learn the skills and knowledge to scuba dive to a depth of 18m and upon completion obtain a lifelong certification recognised across the entire globe.

Please be aware that the minimum age to complete a

Learn to Dive course in Australia

is 12 years old.


You will never forget your first dive!


Public Course $595 for one student


Public Course $999 for two students



Public Course $1,425 for three students


Public Course $1,799 for four students


Private Course $1,999 for one student


Private Course $1,999 for two students



Private Course $2,380 for four students