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The Avon is a tugboat that was abandoned in York Cove after running aground at Low Head in 2012 and ended up taking in water and sinking. It now rests at around 17-18m deep and makes for a great local shore dive. 

The Avon currently rests on its side with much of the superstructure collapsed, it has shifted a couple of times in the last few years, while it seems to have settled permanently, it is important to be careful when entering any overhead environment. 

The typical marine life seen at this site includes seahorses, wrasse, old wives, leatherjackets and a whole heap more. 


8 – 10 metres

Water Temperature

12 – 16 ºC

Depending on the time of day


18 metres

Entry Point (-41.11294, 146.8239) 

Typically, divers park at the end of Esplanade S and kit up there, then proceed NW, entering the water along the fence. Right image shows arrow at common entry point. Satellite image is at low tide, concrete block at the end of the fence will be underwater at high tide.


After entering the water, continue down to a depth of approximately 17m at high tide, turning right and keeping the slope of the channel on your right. Continue in this direction, staying close to the bottom at 17m on the slope and you should come across the wreck after a gentle 10min swim.

When to Dive

It is recommended to dive this site at high tide for best visibility and minimal water movement.

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